Down the Rabbit Hole ( where the last 2 weeks went )

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind.  I have accomplished tons of things - and left some other things totally undone.  I'm coming out of it now, but between a push for my other real world work and a little health issue, for the first time in about 14 days I finally feel like things are back on track .  I missed two updates - and will cover them here, along with some other things.  I'm going to try and keep it in as chronological order as possible. This post may run a little longer than normal, but I owe it to you to get caught up. Let's go down the rabbit hole, shall we?




After Durant, in the following week I was experiencing a bit of stress in my day to day job, due to several projects all reaching a crescendo. I had new programs to start, old ones to finish, and a conference to prepare for. Plus somewhere in there I had an event to host at my place ...  While last June I decided to embrace a meatless diet to try an curb an existing blood pressure concern, in the last month or so I had reverted to some bad habits. I was still staying meatless - but i was buying packaged and processed foods at an alarming rate instead of doing my own meal prep from fresh.  Add all those factors together and when I woke on Friday ( March 8)  the week long headache I had had evolved into the tell tale headache that alerted me to " You've gone too far dummy". I check my blood pressure and got a nice reading of 204/139. If your not voiced in blood pressure ( and I'm a patient, not a doctor) that is in stroke territory .

Needless to say I went to the doctor, took my lecture and refilled my medications, and started back to a daily regimen as I should.  I detest my blood pressure medication - it makes me feel tired- and as someone who does not do "boredom" well, being tired is anathema to my life satisfaction.  I got back on track with meds, dropped sodas and coffee from my eating, and two weeks later I have returned to the doctor to a solid " Hey- that's amazing!" result.  I do feel a little better, but I am still very tired, and am trying to find the right diet and vitamin combo to help boost my energy without making my blood pressure climb.


USAMPC Qualifier - Home Course

Just 2 days later I ran a United States Amateur Match Play Championship Qualifier at our home course. We started EARLY , and got all of the rounds completed in a single day. Competing were 16  for a full bracket, and included myself and Mitchel my son.  This is a "product in the box event" by Dynamic Discs and is great and easy to run. I encourage other folks if they do not have one in their area to consider it next year.

Match play in general is a format I am coming to like more and more - it's fast, it's fun - and it is a bit of a skills equalizer - there is always a match or two when the perceived underdog will take the "W". 

Winning was Corey Zablud, with Phillip Park coming in second and Cameron Knell taking third. 

I am hosting another on April 13th at Rocky Ford - it's already half full. If you want in , I'd pause reading and go sign up real quick ! To register click here .

Fly Guy Disc Golf

During this time frame Fly Guy finalized a few plans for future events. 

We will be at the Dogwood Crosstown Classic on  April 6 ( at Zebulon, NC) and April 7 ( Clayton, NC). 

We will be at the Copperhead IV on May 11 ( Mazerick Park, Fayetteville NC ).

In an exciting turn of events , we were previously committed but  then were no longer for the weekend of June 8th.  With the weekend open, I reached out and many members of Team Fly Guy will be going to Hickory North Carolina to volunteer and work at the Throw Pink! Event at the Bear. really looking forward to providing a hand and giving back tot he game by trying to make sure all the ladies in the event are comfortable and have a great time.  

Team Fly Guy

Also during this time I finalized the 2019 Team Fly Guy roster and started to get things rolling. All in all we have a team of 15 members. While the support in a physical sense of materials is modest, the goal of the team is to create a support network where players are actively interested and invested in the team winning and improving. Look for this to grow in the future. 

You can see the team roster as well as individual player profiles here

Key to the Z2

On March 17th Team Fly Guy Co Captain Chris Dimsdale hosted a Capitol Area Disc League quarterly - the Key to the Z event at Zebulon park. There were 18 players, all in Am divisions and no pro purse. Fly Guy Disc Golf managed payout and player pack merch via the Fly Guy voucher system. Featured for this event were Innova products . 

I played, and played well - so I thought. I won my first card, and when seeing the chase card i was tied for second with Sam Hassel. We both had respectable enough 71s. Unfortunately an unknown local had signed up in Rec and had shot a 60 - just crushing the Rec field.  Second round I played decent - finished strong but not strong enough and settled for 3rd out of the 7 player field. Good enough for "last cash" and for the first time won Fly Guy bucks of my own.


Negative Feedback - on myself

After the Key to the Z2 I had exactly one work day before I had to leave town for a conference. I noticed as I lay down to bed on Sunday evening that I had an online order for Flyguy - a DX Thunderbird disc, an Innova towel and a black light. I made a note to send it out the next day - and forgot it . I didn't think about it again until I was out of town. I quickly sent a pair of emails to the buyer apologizing, and promised I'd make up for it - but it drove me crazy. When I did get back I got the order together and then added a sweeeeet Innova Champion Mako to the box - only to realize I was out of tape. A trip to the post office later, where I bought express shipping and that order was finally on the way .  It will be a few days late, ( should be there Monday )  and I gave them a disc worth almost the total of their order as a bonus - but it still made me mad that I had missed it . 


So that is where we are today - I'm tired, and it's been a roller coaster of a two weeks - but there is always tomorrow.


Oh .. tomorrow ...

I'll be playing in the Azalea Am  at Castle Hayne. I might need to double up on my vitamins. 


See you next week 

~ HP


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Dave Benson

I really get excited when I see these come out. They are always a fun read!! Keep em comin

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