HP's Tourney Notes - 18th Buckhorn Open - New Hill - Feb 9/10, 2019

This past weekend was a tournament that I had looked forward to for 2 years – The !8th Annual Buckhorn Open, played at the pristine Buckhorn course located within the Wake County Park at Sharon Harris Lake, in New Hill, NC.

I say I looked forward to it for two years because I did not play it last year out of a bit of a personal protest. In 2018 a Rec division was not offered and while I don’t mind contending to poor results in Rec, I just really didn’t feel like paying to get slaughtered by a monster Intermediate field. This year the division returned, and while it fluctuated in the lead up, come 2 minutes we had a division of 7 players.

The weather was cold but otherwise perfect. We played a slightly modified layout due to water conditions on holes 9 and 11, instead going with a temp hole that utilized the practice basket and Hole 0.

I did fantastically horrible.  There’s really no need for a blow by blow recap of the slaughter. I had a hand full of birdies, and a decent amount of pars- but when I had a bad hole, I made sure it was a brutally bad one. I’ll be posting a separate blog post that really speaks more to my individual feelings about the rounds, but would like to recap the event from the Rec side concerning others.

I did have a good time. I played with the usual suspects – Geoffrey Griffiths (Fly Guy affiliated) and Dave Morse (Team Fly Guy) – as well as sharing cards with Yair Razin (who won with solid play for 4 straight rounds) Matt Elam, and Josh Balsly. With the field being limited to 7, come round 2 I found myself sharing a card with 3 of the FPO players – Victoria Griffiths (Team Fly Guy), Victoria Brewer and Debbie Scott. 

I have to say that despite my erratic and poor play, everyone I played with this weekend was super friendly, warm and supportive. I especially liked playing with the FPO players – those Ladies can really throw!

Matt Elam made a throw that I immediately called out for an Ace and he got it – that was cool. That’s the second ace I’ve had on a card this year by a card mate – hopefully my first tournament ace is coming up soon, too.

I also cannot say enough how much I appreciated Yair’s play and win. Though it appears we’ve been in a tournament together once before, I had never met him and I found him to be a very polite and quietly effective player. He stayed pretty clean with his shots, and in the fourth round really poured it on with a -7 (48) performance.  I don’t think I’ll be seeing him in Rec much in the future.


Lastly – the TD’s for the event were Ken Olsen and Chris Dimsdale, and of course being at Buckhorn it was a CADL (Capital Area Disc League) event. Every time I looked over to the Tournament Central area I could see Jay Pontier, Bobby Henn, Brian Schweberger, Kenny Lukasewicz and many more pitching in, answering questions, filling out registrations and being awesome hosts. It was extremely well manned and performed and I did not hear any gripe or complaint that I thought was reasonable.

Fly Guy was the event vendor and performed payout of Am winnings. We took around 1500 ds and folks seemed to be rather pleased with the variety, and lots of smiles on players’ faces as they picked through the offering from Innova, Discraft, Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, Westside and MVP.


Click here for full event results.


Photo Credit Chris Dimsdale

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