Idle reflections and a tease of something to come

Easter weekend 2019 was a three day weekend for me. I had Good Friday off - but it wasn't all that good of a day - rain, and at two different times, some pretty scary storms.  I'm not a chicken little when it comes to storms - but the second round had me goosed enough that we sought shelter at the in-laws to ride the storm out. Thankfully we only had some wind and rain, lost a tree that was already mostly dead, and that was it. 

So, Friday was a day of leisure - which would have been perfect had I been signed up to play any events over the weekend. However, I was not. Likewise on Saturday I didn't get in any casual golf, instead spending the day with Mrs. Fly Guy doing a little lite shopping and trying out a quick style Japanese restaurant, and that evening with a lifelong friend around a camp fire. 

Sunday - the first half - was spent between a gluttonous breakfast feast fit for an inmates last meal and working on my goldfish pond, again with my buddy Allen. After he left, I figured I'd use the last 12 hours of my three day weekend to charge my batteries, settling in with pilfered Easter basket goodies taken from the kids and a movie. 

The disc golf bug hit me at exactly 2:45. And while it is nice to have the course at the house, I really didn't want to play in the yard - I wanted to get out of the house and maybe even do a bit of socializing. After a few shots on Facebook, I ended up with no local takers, and went to play the course located in the woods on the campus of Campbell University . 

For those who have not yet  ventured to find it, the course is not a professional course - nor is it extremely hard or easy - it just, well, "is". When I first tried it a few years ago I quit after 6 holes - it was badly overgrown, there was zero signage, and the tees were marked by rocks painted long ago, and often missing. 

However, over the past year or so, it has taken shape. There was an eagle scout project that saw tee frames and screenings installed; someone put in some signs ( however - verify the layout - some of the signs are either upside down, or mirror reversed compared to reality). But it's 18 holes in the woods, features one of the most confounding holes I've played anywhere ( 17 from the Orange tees), and it can be played in about an hour and 10 minutes with a pair easily. Baskets are some really good condition fairly vintage Discraft baskets; recently someone decided to paint the inner pole of them white - I wish they hadn't. It looks bad, and they were in tip top shape for their age, likely because no one played there a lot. 

I have recently been trying to improve - who hasn't - but seriously, I have been working on my tee shots. I decided that I was going to throw nothing higher than speed 5, and a putter when I legitimately thought I could make the shot. I had not thrown a disc in two weeks.

I ended up not doing too bad. I played the Orange tees, which are the shorted. ( Tee pads are Orange and Black, the school colors of Campbell University).  

Playing " old man golf" - no real run up on the tee, throwing to a target and not to the basket and simply taking my time really seemed to be the lesson I need to learn. If you follow the blog, this is the lesson I learned at Azalea, and then tried, albeit too late, at Crosstown. But 8 birdies for me in a round, away from my course that I should know perfectly - it made me happy.

Of the bogeys:

8 is a down hill narrow lane with the basket less than 12 feet from a fast moving creek. I chucked the putter into the side of the lane and embarrassingly had to pitch out from less than 30 feet from the tee, just to set up a third shot down the lane and then putt.

16 is a fun hole - and one I have yet to figure out. There several routes that look workable - but I have not hit one of them yet. The basket is out of sight, up and left, in a depressed area. Between it and you however are several old growth trees - did I mention you cant see the basket?

17 is evil. Its one of those holes where you see the line, you throw the line - and that one tree in the fairway 126 feet ahead of you seems to have the largest plastic magnet known to man in it. The basket though is sidled off to the right and away, with an ever narrowing fairway. There's a putrid creek to the left in the woods, but your disc wont reach it thanks to the briars, usually. 

I have come to rather enjoy the course. It does get a little grown up in the summer - due to a lack of traffic and no real stewards that I can tell of to keep it in check - but it also has its beautiful moments, too. Buies Creek, namesake of the community that the University is situated in, runs between holes 7, 8 9, 10, 11 , and I guess technically 12. It only really comes into play on 7 - 10, but you have to really goof to hit it, mostly. 

All in all, it was a great little solitary walk through the woods , with my favorite Dynamic Discs. Almost all shots boiled down to either my Fluid Truth, my Zoe Andyke Lucid Suspect, My Classic Blend Judges and twice I believe I threw my favorite Classic Slammer. I don't know if I am finally finding my tempo, or if maybe it is just natural progression - but I really felt like I am getting the hang of these as a core group - and I can't tell folks enough of how great a product Dynamic Discs puts out. I've begun to horde these molds for fear of losing the ones I have - but until lost they are durable and stay true to the lines I throw them on. 

I didn't need to carry my bag - could have just grabbed a few - but the Pound carries so evenly, I really don't mind the load. I understand it is a bit of a stretch for some folks' budgets - but I totally recommend if you are in the market for a bag and on the fence about if a Pound bag is right foe you - if it is in your budget - buy the Pound. You will not regret it.  

Content with a solid fun round, I returned home and watched some TV before bed. Up at 4:00 the next morning, I had a few meetings, settling into my office around 8:00, when I looked up and saw the shadow of my window charm on my blinds - a serene monochromatic image of a basket under a tree. It was the perfect cap placed on a perfect weekend. 


Now the tease:

I am very excited to let you knw that Fly Guy Disc Golf will have a very special announcement on May 1st. ( As a matter of fact, it is already written and will go live at Midnight.) I strongly encourage you to watch for it, and ask that you spread the word once it's live.  

Thanks all I'm saying at the moment.


Until then, if not sooner - 

~ The HP

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