I am going to start this blog entry a little uncharacteristically – breaking the 4th wall and speaking directly to you, the reader.

A week ago I posted an entry entitled "Its not you, its me (or a breakup letter to the 2019 GBO)” , and I have to say that the outpouring of responses has been amazing. From offers for lessons, to advice on the mental game, to “Hey – keep your chin up, we all have bad rounds” I was inundated with support and comradery – and for that I am very grateful.

I also got way more clicks and shares and response than any entry posted to this new blog series. I made a comment about it and Robert Leonard pointed out that “Shakespeare’s tragedies did better than his comedies” (paraphrased). How much better? This analytic chart from my host platform shows it was significant.


 Likewise I had folks both public and private relay to me that they are enjoying these posts and to keep it up. I will. But before I resume, I have one last thing I need you, the reader to know:

Thank you – I appreciate you – and its people like you that make disc golf awesome – a community.


Now we return to our regular scheduled programming …


Soul Re-calibration


After the gut wrenching decision I made to drop from the GBO in the future and the Rock Ridge Rumble in the immediate, I needed a weekend off. I’d sell myself short if I lied and said once I made the decision and wrote the post that I was “OK” with it and moved on – I’m not that strong. I spent the week pretty much in a funk. There were however several key events and situations that helped me pull out of the fog.

First would have to be the amazing support that I got from my little band of Rec Division crew – specifically Dave Morse, Geoffrey Griffiths and new to the group ( for me at least) James Graves.  These knuckleheads and I probably threw around over 1000 private messages and Gifs, and they don’t need to think I didn’t recognize that they were trying to lift my spirits.

It’s funny how guys relate – we’re profane, make inappropriate jokes (looking at you, Couch Mover) are relentlessly brutal with insults (I bet Geoffrey pointed out 300 times that I could putt – LAST YEAR) – but in the end it’s not the language we use, but how we use it that really facilitates communication. Words are just sound or print – emotion is the under current – and these guys are awesome friends. My life is richer for knowing them.

Secondly I was able to draw my mind away with a fairly simple Facebook post on my personal page – I was curious if people thought that a player should be required to be a member in good standing with the PDGA to play a sanctioned event, and placed it in the form of a poll. This post lead to several side discussions, of differing topics – all of which I found fascinating. For the most part I’d say it was almost 99.5% respectful, well said and civilly discussed- in 2019! On the internet! Who’d have believed it?

But it was – and I really learned some things about others views and their opinions. It was very enjoyable, and I hope to think of another topic soon to see if we can keep the debate healthy and informative.

BY the weekend I was feeling better – and I was getting the itch to play. I resisted though – I made myself take the break I needed. I spent Saturday with my two oldest sons and it was great.


Sunday I decided to try a new putting practice routine.  I like it so far, but am not going to go too far in depth here as I have reached out to the developer about a possible in depth article in the near future. I will tell you that over the course of the day I ended up throwing 500 putts – 100 each from 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 feet – and made 328 of them. So I have plenty of work to do. I made a little video called “Futility” that kind of summed up the spirit of the day …


The key takeaway for me though was my state of mind as I lay down on Sunday night compared to that of just 7 days before. I was refreshed, I was more at peace with myself.  I can admit I was on the verge of dropping and taking another weekend off – but I don’t need to. I’m good coach – put me in.


Next time you see me, I’ll tell you about my adventures in the 2nd stop of the 2019 ECO Tour, taking place next weekend at Castle Hayne. I can’t wait.


Till then –

~ The HP


 Post Script: I recently posted that I was opening one to two more slots on the Team Fly Guy. The response was much more than I anticipated  - 46 responses in a very narrow window. While I'd love to be Oprah and just yell " You get a sponsorship! You get a sponsorship" and reward everyone, It has been a very painstaking process of trying to winnow it down to just that one or two. I will post the new team members next week on a separate page dedicated to Team Fly Guy.  


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