2019 Charlotte Iron man - June 22 2019

I had not made plans to play on June 22 - it's my birthday. I figured I'd just be lazy around the house, maybe drink a beer or two - but relax.  Then I discovered that Team Fly Guy member James Graves had signed up for the Charlotte Iron Man, but was potentially going to drop out due to not having any card mates. Of course there was only one answer to that - I needed to talk Mitchell into going to play three of the hardest damn courses of Charlotte - Renaissance Gold, Nightmare at Nevin, and the Angry Beaver at Elon -  in one day. Put on by Scott Family Disc Golf, the endurance event  seemed like an deliciously miserable way to spend a day with folks I enjoy being with. 

It didn't take much to convince him. So at 3:45 in the morning we left out of Lillington, driving west away from the sunrise. The plan was simple: meet James, throw a lot of throws, turn in our scorecard and head back to the house in the setting sun.

I was not really well prepared for the day. I had a bit of a stomach bug going on, and , well - let's just say I didn't feel 80%, much less 100%. But we got to the meet up, grabbed James and were off.


First Up - Renny Gold. Oh . My.  This is an A #1 butt kicker from jump street. The course is long, it is difficult and it is not forgiving. A couple of baskets overhang ravine areas - and others you cant see until you almost run in to them. But all in all it was a very fun time, and the enjoyment erased the pain of the strokes as they piled on.

Back at the truck we were already feeling the heat of the day, and we all three pounded water, sports drinks, bananas and crackers. Then we were off to Nevin. Nevin was the only course of the day that I had played before - and conversely the one I did the worst at. Between my stomach issue and the heat , I got light headed a few times, and required a small bit of rest. Pile on just a blazing sun, and mid round I was shirtless, drinking a bottle of water every 2 holes and not feeling like I was going to make the challenge. 


To be 100% honest - Had I not been the days chauffeur, I would have quit right then and there. So what, I thought to myself - there was no ratings, there was no points, I was not going to win - why kill myself?. But the prospect of sitting in the truck while the other two played the third round was even less appealing than that of death on a disc golf course, so I figured I might as well move along to the third.


Halfway there we made a command decision - we had to eat. The idea was to go to a Bojangles or something - I don't recall - but as we got into he parking lot there was three of the sketchiest looking folks I've ever seen - and I just kept going. We ended up in a legit Mexican restaurant , and had a really good lunch.


Providence was on our side. While we at lunch, a fierce storm blew in - limbs down, streets flooding, thunder that shook the building - and had we not stopped we may have been caught in that storm id course. All in all it was the best decision I had made on the day. 

We rolled on south to Elon and got to the Angry Beaver to find the lot empty ave one car. We debated how to proceed - there storm itself was gone but there was still rain. We kind of came to a group consensus of rather than schlep our soaking bags around we would just 2 or  3 disc it at that course - our goal being simply to finish.  So that's what we did. Mitchell ended up losing 2 of his 3 discs on one hole on consecutive throws, and ended up completing the last 13 or so holes with a Bio-fuzion Evidence I had given him a day before. 

We finished up, we congratulated each other, and we headed back to the brewery to turn our card in. Mitchell and I hung around till just after 8 when we decided to head home, getting there close to 11:00.


It was a long day. But we were Iron Men. And we were getting the shirts to prove it.


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