One Year Anniversary - reflections

Just about a year ago, I made the decision to purchase Fly Guy Disc Golf from its founder, Mike Johnson . My official opening day of the take over was September 1st, 2018.

In that time it has grown several fold and afforded us the ability to do several things.

Working with TDs of events, we have been fortunate enough to provide a large and varied selection for event payouts. The key is we in turn reinvest after every event to bring more to the next. It’s a cycle of growth. We have learned a few things , had a few bumps and broken agreements - but all in all it’s been good, we doubled and then doubled again our setup - and have plans for even more in the coming year . It blows my mind the possibilities the future holds.

We also absorbed some inventory from others, and are able to offer some deeply discounted goods on select products for the budget shopper. Some are in the vein of “when they are gone, their gone- so get while the getting is good”.

Likewise we have been able to sponsor events in a much more impactful way that I could have alone. From multi hole sponsorships, to tour series sponsorships, to larger block opportunities - we couldn’t do what we do to support the sport without the support of those who look to Fly Guy for their disc needs. It’s a cycle - reinvesting constantly in the sport.

Of particular effort, we have done a few events to try and support the game for Ladies - and I would like to think the Ladies who play in the area know Fly Guy - sometimes Fly Gal - wants to see them at more events, making their presence felt.

It’s been great watching Mitchell work the store at events, dealing with people and growing both his knowledge and people skills. I couldn’t do it without him.

And of course - Team Fly Guy - The Team has been nothing short of amazing. Since formation Team Fly Guy has been on fire!

31 First Place finishes in 22 events , across 6 divisions!

MPO - 5
MA1 - 5
FA1 - 11
MA40 - 2
MA2 - 1
MA3 - 7

And we’re just getting started .....  it has been great supporting these guys and gal, and the encouragement they spread to one another has been awesome.

So - Happy Anniversary everyone. Thanks for having us at your events and for the orders. And if you would like Fly Guy to help with an event, to do Payout, assist with an off site opportunity - please - just reach out to me or one of the Team Fly Guy players and let us know what’s on your mind -and let’s see how in the second year we can help you.

Thank You

The HP
Hannable McGarity

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