Southeast Women’s Team Championship - June 8 2019

What a great event. It is easy to use the phrase “What an honor..” - but sometimes that’s the only phrase that will do.

Growing disc golf , #growthesport, or any other catch phrase is only that - a phrase - until you actually do something.

Women in disc golf can sometimes seem to be the second mentioned - if not third or forth. But that is one aspect of the sport that appeals to me - the ideal of inclusion. I liked when I first started playing tournaments to see women and men tackling the same course. My favorite player , period, is a woman. And I respect the hell out of the ladies who when they are faced with a low registration at an event decide to play with the men and put in solid work.

So yes - it was a honor to go  and watch 32 amazing Ladies play their own event, full of hugs and high fives and encouragement, and laughter and smiles and cheers.

As I worked the Putting Challenge every single player seemed so relaxed and happy - a wonderful cap to the day.

Thanks to Geoffrey for hanging out with me and getting in our sneaky round at the Bear - and I’d have got you too, if not for that cataclysmic hole 7....

But most of all, Thanks To the Ladies, for letting me share your day.

~The HP

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