2020 Team Fly Guy Additions and Roster

Team Fly Guy recently accepted applications for what was originally going to be 4 “open” positions heading  into the 2020 season. The original goal was to field a team of 20 players.

There were 41 applicants for those 4 spots. It was evident early on that this was not going to be an easy decision in many cases  

However, in this application cycle, it was posted that the players who best filled areas that were underrepresented by Team Fly Guy’s presence would get top priority. Within the returning 16 players from 2019, the team already had a strong presence in the MA2, MA3 fields - ironically the larger number of applications also came from players in these two areas . Therefor a large pool of the players were shuffled to the bottom of the pile, not for any negative reason, but simply because saturation in one area with little to no representation in others is simply not the goal.

I would like to thank each person who applied, and if you were not selected, encourage you to reapply in future open periods, when our strategy or focus may be different. 

The 2020 focus was to add players that were either Juniors, Female, Pro, Masters, and/or possessed a large resume as Tournament Directors. 

In the end , I made the decision to “go over budget” and added 7 players instead of 4 because I had an excellent opportunity it’s to cover more than one category in several people.

New to Team Fly Guy in 2020 are :

Kailyn Charmichal - FJ, FA4/3/2
Shelley Dietrich Fa2/1
Patricia Sisco FA2/1 Ma3, TD
Kirk Yoo MA40/50, MPO/MP40/MP50, TD
Chase Jernigan MPO
Kenny Lukasewic MA40/50 , TD
Bobby Henn MA1 / MPO, TD

With these additions, I am happy to announce the full 2020 roster of Team Fly Guy will be :


Hannable McGarity - Team Manager
Dave Morse - Co-Captain (stats and info)
Chris Dimsdale - Co-Captain (events and support)
Mitchell McGarity - Materials Manager
Mike Johnson - Fly Guy Emeritus
Geoffrey Griffiths
Victoria Griffiths
James Graves
Jacob Diaz
Robert Leonard
Wade Benton
Blake Poland
Tony Sisco
Cameron Knell
Aaron McLeod
Judah Berman
Kailyn Carmichael
Patricia Sisco
Shelly Dietrich
Kirk Yoo
Chase Jernigan
Bobby Henn
Kenny Lukasewicz


Individual player profile pages will be posted in coming days. 

~ HP

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