Meet Aaron McLeod - PDGA 79224
Name and PDGA #
Aaron McLeod 79224
How long have you been playing disc golf?
5 years
Who took you to play disc golf / how did you discover the game?
I was whitewater rafting down the Nantahala and the property we were staying at had a disc golf course right outside of our cabins. My friend Chad played at ECU and talked my wife and I into playing with him. We got a couple of DX discs from the store and I took turns throwing them 75-100’ at a time. Chad was much better than I was and I’m very competitive. By the end of the round, I was hooked and when I got back home a bought a bunch of discs and started my journey.
How would you describe your playing style?
Dominate RHBH with a serviceable forehead. I usually play fast when playing casually. I am very supportive of all the card mates and enjoy encouraging others. I usually play better when I’m playing aggressive but found that there are times that I need to learn to play better safe golf.
How long had you played before you entered your first tournament?
1 year and I bombed. It was a reality check I think most of us get that early on. I kept coming back to that tournament yearly (moving up divisions as needed) and finally won it in 2018.
How do you mentally prepare for a tournament?
I make a game plan of how I want to attack the course and stick with it. Indecisiveness is what has caused me to stumble and I play with more confidence when I know what I’m going to throw before I step up to the tee. I try (notice I said try) to keep calm and relaxed to keep the round just like a normal casual round and not psych myself out because it’s a tournament.
If you could have the power to make a new rule or change an existing one, what would it be?
2 meter rule, even though we never play it here in NC. It’s extra punishing and needs to be abolished.
What is your favorite disc golf memory so far?
Playing High Country Throwdown with My friends TC and Val. That weekend it was more of an experience than just a tournament. We played one of the most beautiful courses in the area and after our round, we went sightseeing and visited some of the local (and not so local) hotspots for food and entertainment. It was a wonderful weekend.
What brand(s) do you throw? Why?
Mostly Dynamic Discs with a few MVP/Axiom molds thrown into the mix.
What advice do you most often give a beginner?
Power comes from the legs, not the arms (still reminding myself of this everyday). How to properly powergrip and smooth is far.
Finish this sentence. 'Disc Golf is ....."
Family. It’s been a life changing experience that has sparked a joy in me that I needed in my life. No matter where I travel, I can always find a golfer on a course that will help show me the course and tag along for a round.
What is your current disc golf goal?
My goal now is to work on my consistency. I believe I have all the tools necessary to play well and want to use those tools effectively. So I am practice putting more regularly and getting more field work.
May 26, 2019 by Hannable McGarity