Meet Hannable "The HP" McGarity 90754 - Team Manager
Name and PDGA #
Hannable "The HP" McGarity 90754
How long have you been playing disc golf?
Since September of 2016.
Who took you to play disc golf / how did you discover the game?
Several coworkers invited me a few times before I finally gave it a go. Before we were to play I went to a Play It Again Sports and bought 4 Innova Champion discs - Valkyrie, Leopard, Boss, Roc and an Axiom Atom putter. We didn't get to go that day, so the next day ( was a Saturday ) i went to play by myself at Anderson Creek Course. I shot a 98 - and was hooked.
How would you describe your playing style?
Pitiful. Sad. An embarrassment to the sport. But damn I have fun, so it doesn't matter.
How long had you played before you entered your first tournament?
3 months - First event ever was a CADL ( at that time Cary Area Disc League, now Capitol Area Disc League) Fall Quarterly held at Middle Creek.
How do you mentally prepare for a tournament?
This is where I struggle. It seems the more I think and prepare the worse I play. My better finishes are the events that signed up for day of - like there's no stress. However with events filling super fast these days that that is  not a luxury one can afford. Typically I spend the leading up days talking to my core group of buddies and just try to arrive happy and positive.
If you could have the power to make a new rule or change an existing one, what would it be?
I would totally do away with jump putting. Its annoying, and honestly I almost always agree when asked if someone is "outside" because so many people miss jump putts - letting them flail away is usually to my advantage.
What is your favorite disc golf memory so far?
Toss up - the memories made putting in our little home course with my sons, my only win ( non-sanctioned but hey - its a win )  and getting a video shout out for one of my events from Paige Pierce- my absolute hands down favorite disc golfer.
What brand(s) do you throw? Why?
99% Dynamic, and the other 1 % I stay in the Trilogy family. I think their plastic is superior, I like what they are putting out in color schemes and of course Judge Putters, and I am able to find molds that do what I want ( or try ) to do. Plus I used DD for several of my earliest disc golf endeavors and they always knock it out of the park on the customer service side. I dream of being influential enough to make their team as an Ambassador, but failing that I still am loyal to the brand - I believe in them and stick with what I believe in. 
What advice do you most often give a beginner?
If your not having fun - quit. Seriously. Even when I am the most down on my performance, I'm having fun. This isn't a job, or war - it is sport - and if you cant find joy in it, then go find your joy elsewhere. Life is too short to let a 9 inch piece of plastic make you miserable.
Finish this sentence. 'Disc Golf is ....."
the best ting to happen to me after being married and having kids. I often use the line that "#discgolfsavedmylife" - and for good reason. I didn't start until I was 41 years old. I was middle aged, overweight and severely depressed. I came home every day and drank and smoked cigars and brooded - disc golf changed that. It got me up, it got me out, it got me meeting new people - it was the radical spark in my life that I needed to change how I was living. I owe the second half of my life to disc golf.
What is your current disc golf goal?
I'd really like to win one event in MA3 and then just move up to MA40 and play with guys my age. As it is I get my ass kicked in either group, so I go where the field is larger and thus place a harder hill to climb in front of myself. I'd also like to see Fly Guy grow to the point that it requires a full time paid employee - how awesome would it be to organically create an opportunity for someone to support their family. That would be pretty cool ....
March 11, 2019 by Hannable McGarity