Meet Judah Berman PDGA#82877
Name and PDGA #
Judah Berman #82877
How long have you been playing disc golf?
My whole life since I was two.
Who took you to play disc golf / how did you discover the game?
My mom and dad played, I didn’t really have a choice.
How would you describe your playing style?
Backhanded woods player
How long had you played before you entered your first tournament?
I think I was seven for my first PDGA but I had played doubles and other events before that
How do you mentally prepare for a tournament?
I just like the friends and competition.
If you could have the power to make a new rule or change an existing one, what would it be?
I don’t know. I just love the game.
What is your favorite disc golf memory so far?
Being nervous at my first PDGA event and then winning by twenty
What brand(s) do you throw? Why?
I am on the Innova Junior team
What advice do you most often give a beginner?
Keep trying and tweaking
Finish this sentence. 'Disc Golf is ....."
My life
What is your current disc golf goal?
Win my division at worlds
* Note from The HP -
I have had the chance to play often with Judah as he sometimes plays up into the MA3 field when there are not many Juniors at an event. His smile and warm regard and support for everyone on the card has always impressed me - he is quite the little gentleman and a focused competitor. I am very happy to have him as part of our team.
September 12, 2019 by Hannable McGarity