Meet Team Co-Captain Dave Morse 84953
Name and PDGA #
Dave Morse 84953
How long have you been playing disc golf?
I have been playing about 4 years or so.
Who took you to play disc golf / how did you discover the game?
A friend of mine than lived across the street.
How would you describe your playing style?
Casual and fun...I play tournaments but try not to take my self serious.
How long had you played before you entered your first tournament?
I played about a year before I started playing tournaments other than monthly.
How do you mentally prepare for a tournament?
Mentally I am working through the types of shots I can throw. I am figuring out the percentages of the shot being good or just being a train wreck.
If you could have the power to make a new rule or change an existing one, what would it be?
I think I would modify the ratings versus division someone could play in as there are times when this is used to someone's advantage just for the points.
What is your favorite disc golf memory so far?
Whenever Geoffrey, Hannable and I are on a card because it will be a fun round. Pulling out a trepsass for a throw and hearing from one of them dammit Dave.
What brand(s) do you throw? Why?
I throw a truly mixed bag of innova, discraft, discmania, mvp, and trilogy brands. My putters are discmania and innova for the feel of the plastics. My mid is an emac truth that does wonderful things. And my primary distance driver is the Trespass.
What advice do you most often give a beginner?
Start with the slower stuff and get your form correct then speed up. Otherwise you have to go backwards to go forward.
Finish this sentence. 'Disc Golf is ....."
Is my walk in the woods with a purpose.
What is your current disc golf goal?
I have a two fold goal. The first for 2019 is to get a sustained rating of 850 and to win my first sanctioned event.
March 01, 2019 by Hannable McGarity