Meet Victoria Griffiths #79670
Name and PDGA #
Victoria Griffiths #79670
How long have you been playing disc golf?
6 years
Who took you to play disc golf / how did you discover the game?
Friends from college introduced me. I have always liked "unusual sports" so I was hooked!
How would you describe your playing style?
Risk vs reward. I will take the high risk shot if I am confident in it, since it forces me to perform well. Often, the low risk shot intimidates me more and I end up shanking it.
How long had you played before you entered your first tournament?
1 year? 2?
How do you mentally prepare for a tournament?
I try to keep a relaxed outer, but keep my mind amped up and focused. If I am too relaxed or too eager it shows in my game.
If you could have the power to make a new rule or change an existing one, what would it be?
Spandex shorts are not pants.
What is your favorite disc golf memory so far?
Playing a casual round at the course I learned at- Winged Deer park in Johnston City, TN- with my husband and our friends who we introduced to disc golf. (Nicole, Laurie, Katie, Jai)
What brand(s) do you throw? Why?
Innova and recently added a few Legacy to the bag. When I got started, all I could find was Innova. I've not explored much, if it works why change it?
What advice do you most often give a beginner?
Slow down. Look at your hips.
Finish this sentence. 'Disc Golf is ....."
Hiking with a purpose.
What is your current disc golf goal?
Make better shot choices.
March 05, 2019 by Hannable McGarity