*Special Announcment*  - Team Fly Guy and the Southeast Women's Team Championship - A Throw Pink! Event

Our mission at Fly Guy Disc Golf is not simply to be a disc golf online site, nor an event payout store solely - first and foremost all efforts of Fly Guy Disc Golf are aimed at finding innovative, fun and supportive ways to grow the sport of disc golf.


I have been trying to find a good way to involve Fly Guy more in supporting efforts of Ladies and Juniors.  Recently I decided after having the weekend of June 8th get opened up for us that those members of Team Fly Guy who were available and willing would go serve as volunteers and support for the Southeast Women's Team Challenge - a Throw Pink! event.. We're gonna go and offer to caddy, haul trash, carry water - whatever - to make the day at the Bear in Hickory as enjoyable for the Ladies as possible.

I reached out to Sara Nicholson and Debbie Scott, and offered them our willingness to help. It was accepted, and I can't wait.

from the Throw Pink! website:

Throw Pink is a collection of disc golf events across the country with the purpose of encouraging women and girls to get out and be more physically active. The program was established to make a difference for women’s health initiatives, specifically breast cancer. Since its establishment in 2013, we have evolved to running tournaments and disc golf promotions for all aspects of women’s health and encouragement through physical activity.

But then I made another decision -

For the Month of May, 10% of all disc sales, regardless of brand - true 10% of every disc that is sold by Fly Guy Disc Golf - will be donated to Throw Pink! to use as they see fit - be it for the event, for marketing, for whatever they need to get more Ladies playing the game we love.

There's also some Pink and White Fly Guy discs on the way - they'll be posted up as soon as we get our hands on them . 

Finally,for the month of May, the Fly Guy is going to tip his cap to the Ladies, and the top page banner will be Fly Girl Disc Golf.

I'd like to invite you to help us help them, and if you're on the fence about a disc these days, go ahead and buy it, knowing a percentage is going to help the growth of getting more Ladies out to the course.

Thanks - 

The HP

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